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    Get some perspective

    • Discover yourself as a learner
    • Gain resources, tools, and strategies to help you study more efficiently
    • Get what you need from textbooks

    If you'd like to study more efficiently and organize your time, materials and ideas, find out about educational therapy. Or if you've got your approach down cold and just need some immediate support to get through a tough period at school, check out our proprietary Strategic Tutoring model.

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    Get support for your child's academic pursuits

    • Replace dependence on tutors with self sufficiency
    • Help your kids manage their time, ideas and materials
    • Use Strategic Tutoring to get through academic tough spots

    For kids struggling with one content area, our proprietary collaborative model of support called Strategic Tutoring drives them to improve their content and participation skills. Clients of PEC also enjoy exclusive access to a database of groundbreaking educational materials.

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    PEC's professional development

    • Help teachers evolve and feel that their administration is listening to their needs.
    • Learn strategies they can use to serve the needs of diverse learners, including those with special needs.

    PEC workshops help teachers address the transitional challenges of 9th & 10th grades, hold kids accountable for reading texts without increasing grading time and more.

    PEC seminars teach parents to use language differently to foster mutual trust and reduce the common tension between parents and older children about how to approach school.

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